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Anonymous asked: Is your bow straight? XO


Anonymous asked: Hi, I am a flute player auditioning for Boston Conservatory and I heard you auditioned there! I heard you also go to Juilliard, my sister goes there, she plays trumpet and is currently a junior :). Anyways, I was wondering what BoCo was like and what your audition process was like? Thanks! :)

Hey! what is your sister’s name? I would love to meet her. :)

My BoCo audition was good. I didn’t have a specific teacher there that I was extremely interested in, but the experience was all around good. I am not sure what the flute faculty is like. But if you have a teacher there that you think is amazing, i say go! :) The school is nice, and i like Boston. But I’m biased cause I’m from there haha. 

Anonymous asked: Hi! I auditioned for Fall 2013 at Juilliard and I was wondering when do we receive an email addressing if we've made it to the next round? I couldn't find it anywhere on the site and I was hoping you (an actual student there) would know. Sorry to bug you!

That would be an admissions situation. I don’t actually remember when i got an email form them because i had auditioned for 12 other schools also. lol. I’m sure you will be getting an email some time soon though since the auditions are in March.

dumbunderachiever asked: My God, you've got such a beautiful sound! You're a wonderful performer.

thank you so much (: that means a lot to me!

are you a musician too?

First semester ofJuilliard DONE!

First semester is over and I am TIRED! Finals were a pain, especially theory. I really have no clue how I did on that one. Oh well, time will tell.

I performed the Bach C major Prelude in a recital. That went really well! Even though I am working mostly on technique, I am still having a great time musically because I know that in the long run, the technique will majorly pay off.

Next semester I get to play the Brahms F minor Sonata. WOO! I am so excited! Finally something romantic!

p.s. I promise I will start writing more posts. I have just been so busy. :C

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Sometimes I wonder if I am really cut out to be a professional musician. I don’t know if I can handle the people I will be working with. Maybe this has nothing to do with music, and I’m just freaking myself out… Perhaps, this is just a life problem. I just can’t seem to comprehend why people are so “catty” and downright rude. I have been slacking lately, yes, but I am taking account for all of that and owning up to my mistakes. Why can’t people accept apologies and move on?? I’m also not sure if this post is a discussion about being a musician or just a huge rant.

Discussion/whiny rant ended.

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