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To all of the people auditioning for conservatories this week and next week… KICK BUTT!! C;

Anonymous asked: What did you play and prepare for your auditions?

For my auditions, I played the Forsyth Viola Concerto, Schubert Arpeggione, Bloch Suite Hebraique, and Bach G Major Suite.

In auditions, they only asked for me to play my pieces. They didn’t ask for scales, except for at BoCo (they asked me to sight read as well.) Every other audition was strictly what I had prepared.

Anonymous asked: Could you tell me about the schools you applied to, which teachers you chose and why?

I applied to 11 schools. Some of them are: Juilliard, Mannes, MSM, Colburn, and Oberlin. I am at Juilliard now, and study with Hsin-Yun Huang and Misha Amory. I had lessons with them prior to my acceptance. They are great teachers for me because they really focus on the technique that I need, but still incorporate musicality into every lesson. I am improving a lot with them.

I took lessons with many other teachers at different schools and really enjoyed it. Colburn was a great experience for me. I ultimately chose Juilliard though because I felt that I would improve and learn the most there based on my needs.

Anonymous asked: Is your bow straight? XO


Anonymous asked: Hi, I am a flute player auditioning for Boston Conservatory and I heard you auditioned there! I heard you also go to Juilliard, my sister goes there, she plays trumpet and is currently a junior :). Anyways, I was wondering what BoCo was like and what your audition process was like? Thanks! :)

Hey! what is your sister’s name? I would love to meet her. :)

My BoCo audition was good. I didn’t have a specific teacher there that I was extremely interested in, but the experience was all around good. I am not sure what the flute faculty is like. But if you have a teacher there that you think is amazing, i say go! :) The school is nice, and i like Boston. But I’m biased cause I’m from there haha. 

Anonymous asked: Hi! I auditioned for Fall 2013 at Juilliard and I was wondering when do we receive an email addressing if we've made it to the next round? I couldn't find it anywhere on the site and I was hoping you (an actual student there) would know. Sorry to bug you!

That would be an admissions situation. I don’t actually remember when i got an email form them because i had auditioned for 12 other schools also. lol. I’m sure you will be getting an email some time soon though since the auditions are in March.

dumbunderachiever asked: My God, you've got such a beautiful sound! You're a wonderful performer.

thank you so much (: that means a lot to me!

are you a musician too?

First semester ofJuilliard DONE!

First semester is over and I am TIRED! Finals were a pain, especially theory. I really have no clue how I did on that one. Oh well, time will tell.

I performed the Bach C major Prelude in a recital. That went really well! Even though I am working mostly on technique, I am still having a great time musically because I know that in the long run, the technique will majorly pay off.

Next semester I get to play the Brahms F minor Sonata. WOO! I am so excited! Finally something romantic!

p.s. I promise I will start writing more posts. I have just been so busy. :C

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